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The S5 Flex Menu system is a very powerful plugin that provides functionality far beyond what the standard Joomla menu system can provide. This plugin is intended to be as an extension of the existing menu system in Joomla to add many new features! Please see the full list of features below.

This menu system works off of the core Joomla mootools script so no extra javascript library is needed and keep download sizes to a minimum. Also, if you do not want to use this menu you can simply turn it it off from the template configuration page.

Take your website to the next design level by using the robust and feature rich S5 Flex Menu System. Organize your links with ease and show content in places you never could before!

Menu Features:

  • Automatic onclick functionality for tablet sized touch screens. If a device's screen is detected as touch screen and is of table size, then the menu will function with an onclick method rather than the onmouseover effect that is shown on a laptop or desktop that has a mouse for use.
  • Multiple javascript effects such as fade, slide, etc.
  • Multiple columns for menu items or modules.
  • Modules load directly into the menu.
  • Group sub menu items into the same column or fly out.
  • Optional sub texts for each menu item.
  • Optional menu icon images for each menu item.
  • Automatic multi-language menu change. If you are setting up a multi-language site, the flex menu will automatically change if your site's visitor has a language specific menu setup for their language in the menu manager.
  • And much more!

Menu Screenshot:

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Nakon kratke pauze od godinu dana koliko je prošlo od projekta Istarski zeleni pjat 2, u školskoj godini 2016./2017. Zelena Istra nastavlja rad na odgoju i obrazovanju mladih o važnosti zdrave i uravnotežene prehrane te nužnosti  brige o vlastitom zdravlju.

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